Brand story

Billion Lingerie

Your Private Wardrobe


Billion Lingerie specializes in the design and production of intimate apparel for women. Our designers have a keen eye for fashion and are committed to providing our customers with the most designer and user-friendly intimate apparel. Over the past few years, because of the popularity of our products and the support of our customers, our business has been able to expand and we have also been more professional with the products and designs. Today, our business covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world.


PRODUCT -- Quality and Fashion Coexist.

Our designer team will always to bring you the world’s hottest styles. We listen to our customers and are always finding innovative ways to improve and deliver the most coveted styles at a moment’s notice.
Each product of Billion Lingerie always uses the highest quality fabrics and have the most stringent production procedures, and we are committed to give every woman the most intimate care.
What Billion Lingerie can give customers is not just a piece of clothing. We believe that every woman has a sparkle of her own. And we never stop the steps to help our customers who may have neglected this to discover their own beauty with our products.

SERVICE -- Always Customer-Oriented.

Our customers' outward image reflects the confidence they feel inside. They are confident, fashion-forward, and in control of their own destiny. We adhere to the concept that "Beauty is never defined by others, only depends on your own heart." We know what our customers need most all the time. So whatever you're searching for, Billion Lingerie design will always give you a perspective to let you discover your own beauty.

What Are We Insisting On?

On the passion for each perfect design

We transfer our own designs to the card, select materials and finally preparing the perfect lingerie. We design with pleasure and for pleasure, taking care of every detail because the magic is hidden inside them. While creating a new product, our main goal is our clients' comfort. It has to be kind of a second skin, in which we can feel beautiful and comfortable.

Your Style Is Defined by Yourself

The whole range of products has been divided according to styles. From very gentle models to sexy ones. All this to quickly and efficiently adapt the product to your needs and expectations.